Brent Roman

Brent is a 2014 graduate of Purdue University, where he studied Agricultural Business and Management. He is in his second year of managing our Chicago location after spending two years in the Management Trainee Program. Under his short tenure, the Chicago location has grown significantly in several key areas as his strategic positioning mindset continues to pay off.

Outside the office you can find Brent on the golf course or following baseball during the summer months. Come Fall-Spring and he goes into Boilermaker mode!



Chris Mayfield

Chris just surpassed his second year with the Chicago location where he serves as our delivery driver, but is better known for being the face of our company to the electricians that we serve. On any given day you can find him face-to-face with our end users ensuring that all of their needs/wants are met and their supplies are delivered on time.

Outside of the office Chris is an avid 16-inch softball player and is always down for a cold one!


Management Trainee/AP

Eduardo Guadarrama

Eddie is a 2016 graduate of The University of Illinois, where he studied Technical Systems Management. He is currently in the second year of his Management Trainee Program, and to call him versatile would be an understatement. On any given day you can find him on the phone, paying bills, helping a customer at the counter, filling an order, or even making a delivery. Most of the time he is juggling a few of these tasks at the same time, so the nickname “Fast Eddie” certainly suits him well.

Outside of the office Eddie enjoys any and all things related to soccer whether it be playing, watching or coaching.

Management Trainee/Inside Sales

Seth Marmion


Phill Grimm