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With over 600 locations across the United States we distribute just about every piece of equipment that keeps your lights on, your energy flowing, and your lifestyle comfortable. Located just outside of West Loop, our Chicago location is strategically positioned to deliver our products on-time with our well-known personable touch.


Efengee Electric was born in 1919 in the city of Chicago with a simple objective, help electricians get their material quickly and with ease. Efengee turned this straightforward approach into an efficient one-stop-shop and found long-term success from it. In 1988, Consolidated Electrical Distributors (CED) merged with Efengee to expand this business model and provide a more efficient distribution process to Chicagoland’s electrical contractors. As we approach our 100th year of continued growth and success our focus remains on one simple objective, provide our customers with their equipment quickly and seamlessly.


Our focus continues to center on two things, dedication to our customers and long term growth. Our vision is to build more than business relationships, but genuine partnerships with our customers. We contribute our long-term success to providing each and every customer with a consistent and tailored service that has sculpted our current partnerships, and we look to continue this ideology as we move forward.